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When it comes to diversity, Crete is an absolutely unmatched island destination with many places that offer great day trip excursions. There is an endless abundance of places to see and things to experience here, and there is certainly something for each preference.

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At Chania Taxi, we know everything there is to know – and more – about the most popular Cretan excursions. We also know when the best time to visit each place is, and how to get there safely and smoothly. Some of our top recommendations include:

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Cretan Aquarium. The Cretan Aquarium in Heraklion is the biggest aquarium in the Mediterranian sea. It offers 600 m of seascape and a captivating experience for both big and small.

Maleme-Falasarna. Falassarna bay is one of the most impressive beaches in Crete. It is in reality five consecutive beaches joined together, covering an area of several kilometres. Falassarna keeps making the top of the lists over Crete’s, Greece’s and even all of Europe’s best beaches. In the area, you can also visit some of the world’s oldest olive trees, and if it’s to your liking, the landing sites of German paratroopers during WWII.

Rethymno, is the best-preserved Renaissance town with an old Venetian harbour and romantic, winding cobblestone alleys. A visit here is an absolute must if your senses enjoy travelling back in time.

Samaria Gorge. With its 16 km, this is the longest gorge in all of Europe. The winding path takes you from the Omalos plateau (altitude 1230 m) down to the picturesque village of Agia Roumeli by the Libyan Sea. Along the path, you are surrounded by stunning natural beauty with its rich biodiversity and rare flora and fauna. The Samaria Gorge is a protected area and a National Park – and definitely an experience of a lifetime!

Monasteries. We can take you on a tour to visit the unique monasteries of the Chania region. Each monastery has its unique design and captivating history. It is amazing what has come and gone over the centuries on this strategically located, Mediterranean island.

Therisso gorge. If you want to experience the greener side of Crete a trip to mountain villages Zourva and Meskla is the given choice. Walk on charming paths surrounded by lush greenery, pass by the gorgeous Agia Lake, and finish off in the Orange Valley for stunning views.

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