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The biggest Aquarium in the Mediterranean Sea,

along the 600 m seascape of the Mediterranean, the Greek seas and tropical waters awaiting them. Visitors come to Thalassokosmos to see approximately 2.500 organisms belonging to 200 species. These are kept in 32 tanks, with a total capacity of 1.600.000 litres.

The tanks alternate depending on the species, their habitats or habits. Habitats that host numerous species and large species that have need of room are kept in large tanks. While in the smaller ones, visitors will come across particular species and micro-ecosystems which, though impressive and significant, would be lost to sight in the larger tanks.

At particular points along the route, visitors can rest and enjoy the spectacle of marine species moving behind the glass of the tanks. Some of which cover up to 10 square meters.

Visitors can learn about species behaviour and habitats interactively, using info-points with touch screens, and can tour the interior of the aquariums using the remote-control underwater cameras found in the larger tanks.

A series of wall posters presents interesting and imaginative subjects relating to marine life and ecosystems.

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Aquarium – Thalassokosmos

Former American Base in Gournes, Heraklion Crete

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